The Difference Between Reptile Calcium with D3 and without D3

All living things need to maintain balanced nutrition to live a healthy life. We get many nutrients from our food and environment. However, sometimes we miss the important ones, and we have to take them in the form of supplements. The same goes true for our pets. Animals are made for the outdoor lifestyle, and when we keep them indoors as our pets, they miss different nutrients.

For the reptiles, their wild environment is good, but when we keep them indoors, we need to get reptile calcium for them along with other nutrients. It ensures balanced nutrition. However, there is Reptile calcium with D3 and Reptile calcium without D3. As it can be a bit confusing for you, here, we will discuss all the facts so that you can buy one which is better for your pet.

Why do you need Reptile calcium for your pet reptiles?

Calcium is vital for bone growth, muscle health, and overall strength in reptiles. As reptiles are made for wild environments, keeping them captive means not getting the best supply of calcium. Even if you provide them the calcium, they will not be able to absorb it best. It can lead to many health issues, including poor bone health, metabolic bone disease, etc. So, getting reptile calcium is necessary for your pet reptiles.

What is the role of D3 in Reptile calcium?

Reptiles must get vitamin D3 because it helps them use the calcium they get from their food. If there is no vitamin D3, no matter how much calcium reptiles get, they will not be able to use it. So, you can also think of D3 as the activation key for calcium activity in reptiles.

The Difference Between Reptile Calcium with D3 and Reptile Calcium without D3

Below are some main differences between the calcium you get for your reptiles with D3 and without D3.

·       Calcium absorption

The first important difference is the absorption of calcium in reptiles. With D3, calcium is more useful as reptiles cannot absorb it without vitamin D3. Thus, it helps in maintaining blood and bone health.

·       Nervous system functionality

Getting calcium with D3 means that your pet reptiles will have a healthier nervous system. Calcium without D3 lacks this important functionality of aiding the nervous system’s health.

·       Egg formation

In female reptiles, D3 plays an important role in the process of egg formation. With D3, this process becomes efficient. Similarly, without D3 in the proper amount, the egg formation process in females can be inefficient.

·       Hormonal balance

D3 in calcium has a very important role in maintaining hormonal balance in reptiles. Lacking this important vitamin with long-term calcium leads reptiles towards hormonal imbalance issues.

·       Metabolism efficiency

D3 is essential for efficient metabolism in reptiles. So, getting calcium with D3 for reptiles means better metabolism.

·       Bone diseases

Lastly, getting calcium without D3 can lead reptiles towards soft bones, metabolic bone diseases, and bones prone to fracture. Maintaining an efficient supply of calcium with D3 can prevent these issues.

Calcium with D3 and without D3 both have advantages and disadvantages. So, it is best to balance them as over usage and lacking calcium and D3 can lead to health issues.

How do reptiles fulfill their D3 needs?

When reptiles are in the wild, they use sunlight, and the Ultraviolent Rays are present in the sunlight. It helps them in vitamin D3 synthetization naturally. In this way, the wild reptiles can easily use the calcium they get from their food. However, the pet reptiles do not get enough Ultraviolent Rays or sunlight to help them make enough vitamin D3.

Should you get Reptile calcium with D3 or Reptile calcium without D3?

When you are buying reptile calcium or multivitamins for your pet, you will come across 2 options:

  1. Reptile Calcium with D3
  2. Reptile Calcium without D3

So, which one to get? Well, it depends on the lifestyle you are providing your pet with. For example, if you are providing them some Ultraviolent light source for enough time throughout the day, getting one without D3 will work. It is because your pet is already synthesizing its vitamin D3. However, if you do not have any specific ultraviolent light source for your pet, get one with D3.

In this way, you will ensure that your pet reptile gets to use the calcium you are providing it with.


Just like you take care of your nutrition for good health, it is necessary to maintain nutrition for your pet. So, if you have a pet reptile, get a good source of calcium and vitamin D3 for them along with other important nutrients as these help them in better health and strength.


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