Shipping Policies

Supplies sold by Myimal will be shipped Monday-Saturday with the exception of holidays. UPS, USPS, and FedEx standard shipping will be used for all supplies shipments. All orders with supplies will charge a flat $6.99 shipping fee and will arrive within 7 days depending on the shipping method used. Tracking information is provided for all orders from Myimal.

When you order from a seller that fulfills and ships their own animals, you are able to view the shipping policies of the seller before you purchase an animal. While most sellers will have similar shipping policies, some sellers’ shipping policies may vary. You can view the shipping information and policies of the seller before you purchase an animal by viewing the Seller’s Policy section of the seller profile page. Sellers’ shipping rates may vary and are displayed on listings as well as in your cart.

When ordering an animal you will be choosing the shipment and delivery date with the seller you are purchasing from. Animals sold by sellers will be shipped during the week Monday-Friday with the exception of holidays. FedEx Priority overnight shipping will be used for any animal shipments. Your order will be delivered the next day after your predetermined shipment date.

Third-party sellers must provide shipping information and shipping rates. When shipping animals via shipping carrier, a tracking number must be provided to the buyer.

To learn how to ship animals click here.

At Myimal we have a live animal guarantee or your money back policy. (Covered by Myimal)

These are our guarantees and your eligibility for your money back:

  • The animal must be visibly sick or deceased on arrival.
  • Live animal guarantee until 3 days after arrival except for amphibians which are only live arrival guarantee.
  • The seller and Myimal must be notified of any issues with the purchased animal within 24 hours upon arrival.
  • Live animals can only be guaranteed when temperatures upon arrival are between 35-90F degrees.
  • The buyer must be present to receive the package on the first delivery attempt.
  • Any shipment routing changes on the part of the customer will result in voiding our live arrival guarantee.
  • Our guarantee still applies if the package is delayed by the carrier.

Our live arrival guarantee or your money-back policy will also cover the shipping cost.

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