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Created by an Animal Enthusiast, the disrupting platform allows people to easily buy their dream pet and sellers to set up their own branded store in a matter of minutes.

AUGUST 31, 2021. The Old Bridge, New Jersey-based platform known as Myimal, created by animal enthusiast Sebastian Kwiatkowski makes for an extremely easy and
feasible way of selling and buying reptiles, amphibians, and overall pet supplies. The platform acts as a themed exclusive marketplace where sellers can easily set up their store, which is known in website design as a vendor system. Buyers, on the other hand, have many features at their disposal that will enable them to find exactly what they are looking for in the shortest period possible.

Sebastian’s passion was the core fire that ignited the creation of Myimal:

“I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for almost my whole life. I sold animals here and there but thought, how do I go bigger while also benefiting the animal community as a whole. So I created Myimal so anyone could buy or sell animals all in one place very easily.” said Sebastian.

To understand on a deeper level how Myimal simplifies the buying process for those in search of the right pet or perhaps supplies, the site offers a 100% live animal guarantee or a full refund policy on top of professional-grade personalized customer support. The platform was designed with a strong emphasis on a simple yet convenient user experience. The sign-up process is only a click away from anyone interested, and they have topped the site up with advanced search and segmentation tools to shorten the
browsing and searching times. A buyer user will also be able to browse by nearby stores and not only for products, simplifying logistics. Another distinctive feature is that all purchased animals are shipped overnight, making the waiting as short as possible.

In the sellers’ or vendors’ world, Myimal’s team also strived to recreate a seamless and smooth customer

experience. Setting up an entire online store and managing it can be a daunting task, but within Myimal any seller can have a 100% customized store with logo, bio, and inventory without any setbacks or bureaucratic approvals.

The Myimal team stated that their main mission and focus is placed into bringing new features and

improvements to the platform, to give the customers the best experience possible. From the simplicity of the process, since they have the desire of acquiring a pet up to finally receiving it through a seamless and swift process. Up to feeling throughout it that the platform is having their back at all times.

About Myimal: Myimal is a New Jersey-based online platform, created in 2022 by animal enthusiast Sebastian Kwiatkowski. Myimal is an easy-to-use marketplace that allows buyers and sellers of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, to buy and sell them in a straightforward way. The core motivation for its existence is that finding the right pet should be something quick and easy.


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